Breast Health

Breast Thermography CalgaryBreast Health Promotion in Calgary

Our practice goal is to promote breast health – to move women away from fear of our breasts to befriending and nurturing them.  To paying attention to normal changes that occur with cycles, pregnancies & aging, and to knoageingt increased discomfort & pain need attention.  To learning simple daily activities to improve function, promote normal breast tissue activity and prevent disease. It is imperative to keep our breasts healthy − waiting until a lump is found is way too late for prevention. The pro-active breast health promotion we provide to patients begins with a thorough assessment of hormonal health as outlined in the Women’s Health section and then includes attention to:

  • Diet – alkaline, high in anti-oxidants, low in saturated fats, high in healthy oils
  • Hormone balancing with nutrients and botanical medicines
  • Specific supplementation to address deficiencies & support thyroid and adrenal function
  • Cleansing and detox to reduce toxic load from chemicals and heavy metals
  • Breast movement with decreased bra-wearing time
  • Therapeutic and self-breast massage
  • Improving lymphatic drainage with dry skin brushing, contrast showers, specific massage techniques and homeopathic biotherapeutic drainage
  • Monitoring breast health with clinical breast exam and with breast thermography.

Clinics / Presentations

Dr. Wales began hosting Breast Thermography Clinics in Calgary in 2004. The equipment and staff are provided by ThermaCan Inc and their mobile clinic comes to Paradigm Health Group in Calgary throughout the year.  See ThermaCan pamphlet. When we applied naturopathic assessment and treatment therapies, we began to see the positive changes in the thermology scans. Realizing that all women could benefit from better information, Dr. Wales developed the Healthy Breasts for a Lifetime program to educate women – patients and the public – on steps we can all take to keep our breasts healthy. The Healthy Breasts for a Lifetime program** also forms the core of treatment for all of our breast care patients.  Individual treatment plans are then designed and added to treat specific conditions such as

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Breast tenderness with the period cycle
  • Cysts & Fibrocystic breasts
  • Mastitis with breastfeeding
  • Recovery from medical cancer treatment and prevention of recurrence

For an overview of habits and activities that contribute to breast health, download Promoting Breast Health. For an in-depth look at Breast Thermology and the information,it provides to monitor breast function Read More/Download –  Exams without the Squeeze. ** Healthy Breasts for a Lifetime program is now available on audio CD prepared by Dr. Wales with extensive notes and instruction sheets.  For purchase information, see CD. If you have a group that would like to have this presentation in person with Dr. Wales, please Contact us.